MKE week 8

8 weeks, two full months already.  I have learned new things,  yet I feel as though I’m standing in a train station watching the train depart.  I want to be happy, yet frustration comes in like a January blizzard.  A few snowflakes first, then full on white out blizzard.  Try to do something with the dmp, add to it, change wording, etc., it ends up in angrily shredded little pieces.  I see the movie poster; blank.  The shape/color pages, sitting in a nice neat stack; blank.  Read the different readings, good interesting stuff but no ‘aha moments’ like other people have.  I understand that much of the last several weeks were designed to build on and compound from the dmp, So much of it is based on that.  So here I sit, with some mental block ( or something) about the dmp and the tools that build on it are blank.  This is probably the longest post I’ve made on here and it’s mostly negative, go figure.  I hope other folks are less frustrated than me, cuz it’s no fun to be that way.  Well, been trying to think of something positive to close on, but it’s not happening right now.  So apologies to whoever reads this, you may need to restart your mental diet again…..

3 thoughts on “MKE week 8

  1. Greg Boek

    Hey Troy, hope you were on the webbie today for week 11. The real meaning of persistence may not be what you think it means. Stay with it. Read the Master Keys, Sit, read the Blueprint Builder. Keep flooding your mind with the good things.


    1. troydmke Post author

      Hey Greg, I did make the webby this week. Who woulda guessed there’s 4 habits that make up persistence and that we’ve been doing them already. The affirmation from a week or two ago – I’m whole, perfect, strong, powerful, happy, harmonious & loving has been helping, I’ve got that on 3×5’s all over the place now.


  2. Jonathan Davis

    Hey Troy, I’ve hit a few blocks myself, but I encourage you to hang in there with the exercises, reading, affirmations, etc. – all are things necessary to chip away the cement! And (speaking from personal experience) take care not to compare or judge your journey with the journey of others. I remind myself of that often, then just relax and stay true to the guy in the glass. You’ve got this!

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