Overdue update MKE week 17

Oh, boy it’s been two months to the day since my last post…….. I got some catching up to do. I can tell that things are finally getting changed in my head, I am much more aware of more of my thoughts, it is becoming easier to replace the negative ones. I have also gotten pretty aware of the ‘self talk’ and much better at using that constructively. The index cards have helped with that, along with the book ‘What to say when you talk to yourself” that I began rereading again. I have seen some changes with the Franklin makeover, for example I have been leaving more good, kind, positive comments on people’s posts instead of just hitting ‘like’ and quickly moving on. I am also improving at the exercises; got a few things on the dream board. This is a process for sure, but I can finally see some changes so that is wonderful!

2 thoughts on “Overdue update MKE week 17

    1. troydmke Post author

      Thanks! I still have plenty of room for improvement, but that should get easier now that some of it is actually sinking in!



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